How To Stimulate Hair Follicles For Hair Growth?

You are not alone in being concerned about how to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth. If you have noticed that your hair is very thin or bald spots on the scalp, then you are living with hair loss like millions of other Americans. Although there are many causes of hair loss, the health of the hair follicles has a direct impact on normal growth.

Your hair carries your beauty. In this case, if you are not satisfied with the hair, it is normal to want to improve the hair. One way to encourage hair growth is to stimulate hair follicles. Stimulation of your hair follicles helps your hair to grow a little faster than the average growth rate.

In this guide, I will discuss some natural treatments to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth that you can do at home all of which have proven and very effective results. So read this guide to know everything.

What Is Hair Made Of Actually?

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which forms keratinocyte cells that travel to the skin and die. When the follicles live on the scalp, the bulb is the basis for the hair root.

Dead cells are made of the kind of strands that regenerate themselves through the regeneration of the life cycle. After the strands die, it is necessary for the follicles to remain healthy for new hair to grow after they have thinned or lost.

What Causes Hair Follicles To Die Or Get Damaged?

Hair follicles go through the stages of anagen (birth), catagen (death), and telogen (rest). The hair strands change structurally during each cycle but regenerate themselves when the hair follicles are healthy.

About 10 % of all hairs are always in the telogen phase. So for the hair follicles, need to work actively to be able to rest and enter the anagen cycle. If the scalp goes through problems like scalp traumatic causes or hereditary conditions then the hair follicles are unable to regenerate. After damage, the hair follicles shrink and make the hair more delicate and brittle until the hair is completely dead, and hair loss and baldness persist.

Anagen stage: This stage lasts up to 6 years, here it grows one centimeter a month.

Catagen stage:  The duration of this phase lasts for ten days. In the catagen stage, the hair follicle cells stop making keratin at one stage and eventually die.

Telogen stage:  This stage lasts for about 100 days. Here shades the hair and rests until the follicles regenerate.

Top 7 Ways To Stimulate Hair Follicles For Hair Growth

How To Stimulate Hair Follicles For Hair Growth

1. Massaging Your Scalp

Many professionals recommend oil massage on your scalp while massaging. It helps to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth. It also nourishes your scalp and roots.

You need to warm one tablespoon of your selected oil in a small bowl. Place the finger on your scalp and start massaging. Then massage on your scalp for five minutes.

You can wrap your hair with a light towel or shower cap for a while to absorb the oil. After some time wash the hair with normal shampoo. You can do this every day; it will also help you to relieve stress and tension.

2. Essential oils

Essential oils are ideal to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth. Try these below-listed oils for thin, bald, and textured.

  • Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil increases blood circulation to your follicles and helps to widen blood vessels. It is suitable oil for massaging the scalp for hair growth. It can help to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth.

  • Tea Tree essential oil

The antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties of this oil can treat inflammation and infection of your scalp and hair follicles. Tea tree oil enables hair follicles to unlock, hair growth and helps improve scalp conditions.

  • Rosemary works

If your hair is very thin or bald in any part, you can use rosemary essential oil. Rosemary works for cell regeneration and hair growth; it stimulates hair follicles for hair growth. Recent studies have also shown that rosemary oil can protect your hair follicles from the infections of bacteria and fungi.

  • Lavender is essential

This oil promotes hair growth and helps prevent damage caused by conditions such as alopecia or male pattern baldness. The use of lavender results in thicker, healthier, and stronger hair.

3. Brush your hair

It’s normal that you brush your hair frequently, but do you know how important it is? Brushing helps in distributing natural oils to your hair. This is the most effective way to maintain natural moisture.

In addition, it increases circulation, which helps keep your scalp and follicles healthy. However, hair should not be brushed in wet conditions and without pulling, as it is a very fragile condition.

4. Use of onion juice

Onion juice has been used for a long time to stop new hair growth and hair loss.  It reduces hair loss as well as strengthens the hair follicles. To treat patchy alopecia areata onion juice is also considered to be quite effective.

This home remedy is thought to help improve circulation on the scalp. Cut some onions to blend well. Then take the juice out of it apply it to the scalp and hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you have to wash your hair with normal shampoo.

5. Aloe vera

Many people call aloe vera a magical plant because of its unique nutritional value. This aloe vera solves almost all types of hair problems.  It is a home remedy for getting strong, shiny hair and stopping hair fall.

Aloe vera easily soothes your scalp and can also condition hair. It helps to unblock hair follicles blocked by excess oil which keeps the follicles healthy. You can apply this gel on all hair including your scalp several times a week.  To get better results, you can use aloe vera gel as well as aloe vera shampoo and conditioner.

6. Take proper nutrition

Since hair follicles are made of cells, to maintain your health in the long run, you need to get enough nutrients every day. Add to your diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron, protein, and zinc. These will help improve your physical health. Malnutrition causes thinning hair and damage, so if you do not eat nutritious food every day, your hair follicles will gradually weaken.

7. Drink plenty of water

If you find lifeless hair strands and your skin looks dry, then you are probably already dehydrated. In this case, you need to drink plenty of water and try to limit caffeinated drinks (soda, coffee, or tea). You can intake coconut water or vitamin-enhanced drinks to boost your body instead of normal tap water. Vitamin-rich drinks will also help speed up your metabolism.

What Causes Infected Hair Follicles?

Common causes of follicles infection in your hair can be an ingrown hair, inflammation, fungi or bacteria, infections, and viruses.

Folliculitis is when the follicles of the affected hair are diagnosed. A strong energizer and nutrition can revitalize cellular regeneration and circulation.

How Do You Know If The Hair Follicles Are Dead?

Remember that the hair follicle cells die, but after resting the follicles, regrow the hair. Once the follicles die, they do not rearrange the hair. You can examine the scalp by looking for signs of hair growth or thinning.

Your hair follicles are still alive and able to grow again if you see thinning hair patches or fuzzy textures. If you do not see any activity for a month, you are more likely to have an injury to your scalp or genetic issues that caused cells to die.


Long, silky and thick hair is desirable for everyone because hair enhances our beauty. So proper care is needed to keep the hair healthy. The above home remedies will help to stimulate the hair follicles for hair growth. You can try this; it will help to get rid of almost all hair problems.