Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen: Causes

“Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen” What are its causes & symptoms? Is there any home treatment? Looking forward to knowing? Read this guide.

Back pain is not something unfamiliar. This pain is as common as a headache or a stomach ache, and it goes away also. In daily life, more or less everyone has experienced back pain. Interestingly, back pain is not a disease in itself. Rather it is created as a result of any problem associated with our bones, muscles, etc. There is also a problem with any of the limbs around the back.

The pain usually goes away with a massage, oil massage, or painkiller. But at times this pain can be a sign of danger. The body can cause serious problems. Then it may become impossible to cure back pain fast at home. This back pain can sometimes spread to other parts of the body. Spreading pain means moving back pain from one part to another. For example, the pain spreads from the lower back to the upper back, to the front abdomen, to the front thighs, or again from the lower back to both legs.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen

Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen

Abdominal and back pains are often symptoms of the same cause and this pain is often very common in people who suffer from chronic back pain.

Excessive enlargement of a large artery in the abdomen can often lead to abdominal and back pain. This is called an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Lower back pain that spreads to the front abdomen is an unpleasant and panic experience for anyone. There are many organs involved in the lower back and abdomen so there are different causes of pain.

Back pain and abdominal pain should be treated without neglect. Most of the time home remedies can relieve some of the symptoms of back pain and front abdominal pain.

But if this back pain is much earlier but has recently spread to your abdomen, it may be a matter of concern to you.

Sometimes back pain with abdominal pain indicates a medical emergency. Like, when lower back pain that radiating to the front abdomen.

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Symptoms Of Lower Back Pain And Abdominal Pain

There are various reasons why you may feel pain in the lower abdomen along with lower back pain. These factors will basically help you to find the root cause of your pain and discover if there is any natural home remedy to relieve this acute pain.

1. Infection

Any kind of infection in the kidneys or urinary can cause pain in the back and abdomen at the same time.

Just when the bacteria enters your body through the urethra, a urinary tract infection occurs which starts to get out of control very quickly.

These infections can spread to one or both kidneys without any treatment. The position of your kidneys is in your abdomen and that is near the back.

Kidney infections can lead to permanent damage and even death.

An infection in your kidneys can cause lower back pain on one or both sides, as well as abdominal pain, pain on your side or your groin, and many more symptoms.

2. Kidney Stones

If you have kidney stones, you may have severe or sharp pain in your lower abdomen and back which is called flank pain.

Kidney stones are small deposits of minerals that form inside your kidneys and these usually pass when urinating. However, sometimes surgery may be needed to remove these stones.

According to some doctors, kidney stones can cause some symptoms such as severe pain in the back and sides, pain in the lower abdomen and groin.

Also, you may feel pain when urinating, nausea and vomiting, and you may have a fever again.

3. Referred Pain

When you feel pain in one part of the body, it is Referred pain, but basically, the pain comes from somewhere else.

The best example of this is that those who have a heart attack feel more pain in their left arm than in their chest. When the wires of your nervous system are crossed, then there is referred pain to speak.

When a muscle is pulled in the lower back, your nerve fibers send a message to the brain and signal that your tissue has been damaged.

Sometimes your brain mixes these signals, causing you to feel pain somewhere else, like the abdomen.

4. Gallstones

The Gallstones are formed when certain components of the Gallstones begin to harden and accumulate in small pebbles. You can carry hundreds of tiny gallstones that are as big as a golf ball next time.

These stones can accumulate in your bile duct. Accumulation in the bile ducts can cause a sudden onset of severe pain in your abdomen and back. The pain on the right side is usually worse.

5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

This type of disease can cause pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. This pain is mild at first and can range from mild to severe.

This disease is a taint of the fetus that can be caused by a sexual infection. There are many more symptoms of this disease such as abnormal vaginal discharge, fever, and ovarian pain.

Pelvic inflammatory disease due to unconsciousness can cause infertility and infect your partner.

6. Pelvic congestion syndrome

It is a common cause of acute and chronic pain in the lower abdomen as well as back pain in women during childbirth.

This pain is usually worse when standing during the day to work long hours or when standing for any reason. When the pelvic veins become large, swollen, and spread, Pelvic congestion occurs.

One of the signs of pelvic congestion syndrome is around 7-10 days before your period, Pelvic pain and lower back pain will start.

7. Pancreatitis

The lower abdomen organ pancreas performs many important functions, including insulin production.

When your pancreas is swollen or inflamed then Pancreatitis occurs.

This condition can occur suddenly or grow slowly over several years. Pancreatitis can cause a number of serious complications if left untreated.

The symptoms of pancreatitis include upper abdominal pain that spreads to your back, making the pain worse after eating, etc.

Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen: Home Remedy

If you are currently in normal condition then consider such homely solutions to get comfortable in your home.

1. Need to fix the root of the problem

When certain muscles work too hard a muscle imbalance occurs.  During this imbalance, other muscles do not work hard enough.

Your muscles are complementarily designed for the proper balance of the body. These are not designed to compete with each other.

Literally, everything can be pulled off the track if an overly weak or dominant muscle is contained. You need to know about muscle balance therapy.

2. Take an anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation of muscles and joints usually occurs for a variety of reasons, including infections, injuries, and wear and tear.

Sweet refined foods can increase your inflammatory response which can cause your pain to widen.

Make a list of foods you should avoid and foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You can search the internet for anti-inflammatory foods.

3. Need to use the right type of heating pad

While traditional heating pads feel comfortable, they can only heat the tissue’s top layers. You should choose a heating pad that will work targeting deep muscle tissue and internal organs.

All you need is a heating pad that uses distant infrared waves. The body reacts to the effects of deep-warming and improves blood flow. If your blood flow improves, faster healing is possible.

Lower Back Pain Radiating To Front Abdomen: When To See A Doctor?

  • You should see a doctor if you have been injured in an accident, have suffered a severe back injury, and lower back pain radiating to the front abdomen.
  • If you are losing weight fast for no apparent reason which is not a good sign at all. In addition, if you have back pain, it may be due to a tumor in the spine. It is advisable to see a doctor soon.
  • Unable to control urination, as well as back pain and numbness in the legs and waist, do not delay to see a doctor if all these symptoms appear together.
  • If your sleep is disturbed by the severity of the back pain, there may be a serious reason behind it. In this case, the doctor should be shown.
  • If you already have osteoporosis, and you suffer from back pain in a hurry, you may have a fracture in your vertebrae. You should take advice from a doctor.
  • Back pain and numbness of the waist and legs are not good symptoms at all. In many cases, this numbness can occur when the nerves around the spine are damaged. So do not delay seeing a doctor.
  • The not continuous pain, but severe pains from the back of the back and waist, then maybe you have a problem with kidney stones. In this case, besides pain, there may also be bleeding with urine. You should definitely go to the hospital for this.

Bottom Line

Although back pain is a common disease more or less all people have experienced this pain but when this back pain or lower back pain radiates to the front abdomen or different parts of the body then you have to understand that you are going to face a big complication. Seek medical attention without delay. Hence, this is all about lower back pain radiating to the front abdomen.