Best Meal Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Female

This could be great for you if you are just starting a new workout to improve your physical health. But are you taking the right meal with your new workout? Because you want to achieve two goals. It is possible but if you want to gain muscle with weight loss you need to focus on activities as well as a proper diet. If you don’t plan your meal properly and do any practice without eating the right food, you may fail to get the desired result and a perfect body. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, I am here to discuss the best meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain female, just stay with me and keep reading this article.

Struggle for fat loss, not weight loss

People often talk about losing weight, but that’s not what they mean. It’s not basically to lose weight, they usually want to lose fat.

Notice that in the case of weight loss you are losing both fat and muscle, in this case, your body may be smaller. However, your shape may not change.

This means you will not be able to express the desired athletic “toned” body of many. It comes from the definition of muscle and it is because of this that you do not want to pursue weight loss rather wanted to reach the goal to lose fat.

Losing fat requires a calorie deficit and a need for calorie surplus is to build muscle. Both goals seem inconsistent but it is certainly not impossible.

The 9 Best Meal Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Female

Meal Plan For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Female

Achieving two goals at once can be difficult but not impossible. Yes, it is true that you can achieve both weight loss and muscle gain with the right meal plan. By following the proper guidelines, you can lose weight and gain muscle simultaneously.

So, here is the 9 best meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain for female

1. Eat plenty of protein

If you are searching for the best meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain female, first, calculate your protein intake. The amount you should eat depends on your body and body fat levels. If you do not have too much body fat to lose, it is advisable to continue with normal maintenance.

If your body has too much fat to lose, you need to go through a slight calorie deficit. The important word here is “little” meaning little deficit. Reducing your calorie intake will make it harder to hold your muscles.

Eating enough protein is essential for rebuilding the body but there are no clear statistics on exactly how much protein you should intake. Consult with your trainer or a nutritionist to adjust your body’s protein levels.

2. Do not ignore the carbs

Carbs are one of the essential ingredients for weight loss and muscle growth together for women and men. Most people are apprehensive about carbs and as a result, they completely limit carbs from their diets.

But research indicates that carbs play an important role in your body for a variety of activities. Carbs continue to work in the body for weight loss, muscle growth, and development.

The most important contribution is that they produce energy in the body. Your energy is needed during your workout which will fuel your muscles and brain. Carbs provide you with this energy. In order to lose weight and gain muscle, you need to take carbs according to your body’s needs.

3. Maintain healthy fats in food

A person needs 5-10% saturated fat per day to keep his energy level right. A high nutritious fat diet helps maintain good testosterone levels.

The ideal level of testosterone will help increase muscle mass and increase muscle size for a gym diet to prevent excess fat from accumulating.

Red meat, like shoulder, and neck meat not only provides a high content of saturated fat but also provides a rich source of protein. You will get monounsaturated fat like salmon meat and almond oil in avocado, olive oil, and peanut butter.

In the case of Jim’s vegetarian diet, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables like sesame brown rice and salads will be good meal plans for weight loss and muscle gain, especially for females. 

4. Eat fiber-rich foods

Fiber can be the ultimate secret to being ultra-fit, slim, and toned and can be first on your meal plan list. Also, it has multiple strengths and it can help achieve both weight loss and muscle gain goals simultaneously.

Fiber helps you replenish and add volume to your diet. In reality, it only goes into the body through fat and calorie intake. On the way, it keeps our intestinal microbiota healthy and well-functioning.

Fiber has the powerful power to make you feel full without having to gain any weight at all and is good for your stomach health.

5. Drink plenty of water

There is no substitute for water to lose weight. You can avoid overeating by drinking water throughout the day and before meals.

When you become dehydrated you think you have become hungry and may want to eat. But in fact, it is not that you were basically thirsty then.

Maybe just drinking water at the moment can satisfy you. Before each meal, try to drink 8 oz of water. This will ensure you keep yourself hydrated and do not overeat.

6. Count your calories

For moderately active and active women, calories are needed for weight maintenance. You need to start counting what you are taking (Calorie) and how much you are taking every day.

If weight loss is your goal as you build muscle, then aim to consume 1,200-1,800 calories per day. It actually depends on how active you are and starting your body weight.

7. Eat every few hours

It is important to eat every few hours a day if you want to lose weight and build muscle. For example, you can take three meals plus three snacks.

If you follow this rule and eat throughout the day, you will be able to keep your body properly nourished. Create a meal and snack schedule that matches all your subsequent schedules, starting with your morning breakfast.

8. Choose the Right Protein Powder

Protein powder is not only for men but it can also be taken by women who want to build muscle and lose weight. Women can benefit from drinking these meal replacement shakes.

What kind of protein powder do you think is best for muscle building in women? Animal-based and soy proteins contain all the amino acids you need to build and maintain muscle. But you can get the same results by combining different plant proteins.

Studies have shown that whey protein powder works specifically for muscle building and post-workout recovery. When it comes to weight loss, research shows that protein helps reduce fat and maintain muscle mass.

9. Fill Your Plate Properly

If you want to diet together for muscle building and fat loss, you need to fill your plate with healthy foods.

  • Half loaded with vegetables.
  • 1/4 loaded with protein foods.
  • 1/4 full of starches.

Be sure to serve about 2-3 servings of dairy foods or calcium-rich, fruit, and healthy fats in each meal to get out the nutritious menus.

Meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain female: A sample diet plan

It can be helpful to have a sample menu to guide you when choosing a weight loss and muscle gain diet plan for women.

1. Breakfast

  • The whole grain is topped with Ezekiel toast nuts
  • Butter and banana
  • Low fat cottage cheese
  • Tea or Coffee 

2. Mid-Morning Snack

  • Veggie sticks
  • Hummus

3. Lunch

  • The whole-grain pasta topped with olive oil pesto sauce
  • Grilled chicken and Veggies

4. Afternoon snack

  • A whey protein shakes. Make sure it is made with protein powder, plant milk, and fruit or nut butter

5. Dinner

  • A taco salad

6. Snack After dinner

Greek yogurt (raspberries and walnuts)


Hope you found all your information in this guide. Achieving goals is very fast if you keep yourself within the proper guidelines. Therefore, that’s all about the best meal plan for weight loss and muscle gain in females.